Confusion in  Manchester United camp after 4-0 defeat 

​Despite the fact they conceded four goals to Chelsea at the weekend, it would seem that the defence is the least leaky aspect of Manchester United at the moment.

 Manchester United players are “shocked” by Mourinho’s “hands-off” training methods.

This represents a change from his methods at Chelsea, where he was far more involved with each training session. Mourinho’s sessions are totally different to Arsene Wenger’s, in the sense that he does not allow his players to figure out their own solutions to problems.

Reports  also states that the players feel they would benefit from a closer relationship with their manager, following the infamously cold attitude of Louis Van Gaal.

Mourinho is famously intolerant of leaks within his camp, and this represents a second well-sourced story pertaining to United players perpetual shock at Mourinho’s methods at United. United players found Mourinho’s dressing downs were “nastier and more personal” than anything Alex Ferguson ever came out with.

Also, the day Louis Van Gaal left United, more stories found their way to the press pertaining to Van Gaal’s training methods, with players complaining of the emails Van Gaal sent to each player, in which he broke down their most recent performances.

While this story in reports isn’t particularly salacious, it will be interesting to see how Mourinho deals with the situation of the press earning an insight into his training sessions at United.

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